Front End Staff

Earl Driedger : Earl has been involved in the trucking industry for over 28 years. He has been involved in training for over 20 years and in April 2001, he opened Maximum Training for the Trucking Industry. Earl is a Fully Certified Instructor and has his SGI Recognized Authority. Motorcycles have also been a passion of his since he was a kid and he has been riding since the age of sixteen, he decided in 2011 to open a Motorcycle Training division which has been growing ever since.

“My experience in the training industry over the past 20 years has exposed me to many trainers and training environments. I can guarantee you, our staff is of the highest quality and they believe in what they do. Maximum Training is based on customer service and for that reason I only allow committed staff to work with our clients. I believe in my staff, and they prove it to me daily with their performance. They work as a team, building quality drivers. I can honestly say Maximum Training has the best staff in the industry.”


Tandis Novakovski : Tandis is our Office Manager.  She handles the accounts and administration for Maximum Training.  If you call the office you will likely be speaking to her. She does all of our bookings for Saskatoon, Regina and surrounding area, as well as keeps the staff organized. Tandis has completed “The Dale Carnegie Program” for self-improvement and does an excellent job. She is an invaluable member of the team.

Jana Hodgson :  Jana is our office assistant in Saskatoon and helps Tandis with various accounts and administrative tasks.  


Lead Instructors

Ken Martin : Ken is our Lead Instructor in Saskatoon and has worked with Earl previously in the 1990’s. Ken has over 38 years of experience in the driving industry. He has been a Motor Coach driver and owner/operator and has European and North American long haul and training experience. He was an Instructor in Ireland and has brought to Maximum Training a willingness to share his knowledge with others, an excellent sense of humor and demonstrates the definition of a team player.

Mark Perrin : Mark is our lead Instructor for Regina and area and is a Fully Certified Instructor who has SGI Recognized Authority.  He enjoys fishing, camping, motorcycling and is a family oriented individual. He is also our overseas expert who has worked many years in Kyrgyzstan for Maximum Training. Mark is a dedicated employee that takes the best interest of both the company and its clients to heart.


Saskatoon Instructors

Brian Harrison: Brian has been with Maximum Training since 2007. He has his Bachelor’s Degree in Education from the University of Saskatchewan. He has been a school teacher and Principal, owned his own business and has been involved in the trucking industry for over 38 years. He has been part owner of a trucking company, driver, and a safety supervisor. Brian is a distinguished member of Toastmaster which means he holds his Gold and Silver designations. 

Brian’s experience with adult students was very useful teaching drivers in Mongolia in the fall of 2006. Brian’s sense of humor and easy-going attitude are part of what make him such a great part of the team at Maximum Training.

Wayne Gamble : Wayne has been in the professional driving industry for over 43 years. Wayne has worked with Maximum Training for 10 years as a Fully Certified Instructor and has achieved his SGI Recognized Authority. Wayne has worked with a variety of equipment, Dry Vans, End Dumps, Flat Decks, Tankers and Super-B’s. Yearly he takes time off to enjoy one of his other passions helping out a local farmer in the Perdue area. Training students, sharing his experience and showing his dedication to our team makes Wayne an integral part of Maximum Training.

Gary Eaton : Gary has enjoyed farming most of his life and has experience in owning a small business. Gary also worked as an equipment trainer in Panama. Gary’s trucking experience over the past 20 years has come from farming and being an owner operator at Edge Transport hauling flat decks. Gary’s interest in people and patience to teach makes him a great teacher. Gary is a Fully Certified Instructor and has trained overseas as well for us, he has 10 years of training experience and he has been a part of the Maximum team since 2005.

Garth Bergen : Garth has been a Professional Driver for 11 years and came to join the Maximum Training team in 2014.  In the past he has worked with a variety of equipment including Dry Vans, Refrigerated Vans, Turn Pikes, End Dumps, Flat Beds and Super B’s.  In his spare time he enjoys riding motorcycles. Garth brings a variety of experience, a sense of humor, and a welcoming personality to the team.

Kevin Vatamaniuck : Kevin has been in the trucking industry for over 15 years.  He spent 10 years driving long haul across Canada and the U.S., as well as 5 years as a turnpike driver.  Kevin has approximately 1,750,000 safe accident free driving miles under his belt.  His experience spans from pulling pups, dry vans, heaters, reefers/multi-temp reefers to turnpikes (2x53’ trailers).  Kevin is the newest addition to the Maximum Training team.  He enjoys instructing students and watching them learn the very basics to successfully passing their road tests.  The joy student’s show when they pass gives him a great sense of accomplishment.  In his spare time he enjoys time with his family and motorcycle riding.

Regina Instructors

Sebastian Kaczmarek : Sebastian drove throughout Europe as a Navy Truck Driver and operated and maintained a wide variety of military equipment. He drove in Ireland in 2006 and has been driving in North America since 2011. Sebastian is based out of our Regina location and has demonstrated excellent training skills for Maximum Training. He is reliable and committed to our clients and is a dedicated member of our team. Sebastian and his wife recently welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the world. As they take on this new adventure with their little one we wish then a lifetime of wonderful memories and laughter.


Chief Motorcycle Instructor

Peggy Nelles & Dave Lozowchuk: Chief Instructor Peggy Nelles and her husband Dave Lozowchuk have been at Maximum Training and the driving force since Maximum Training got involved in the Motorcycle Training Industry in 2011. Both Peggy and Dave have vast experience in motorcycle training, previously operating a training school and working in the industry since 1993. Peggy and Dave bring fun and humor to a very fun training division, Maximum Training is proud to have them leading the charge in motorcycle safety.

The Yard Crew

Mel Revet : Mel is a jack of all trades, he farms, trucks, fixes just about anything and works tirelessly. Mel is a retired principal and neighbour of Earl’s. He is constantly helping around the neighbourhood and maintains Maximum Training’s yard along with his wife Therese. We are so lucky that they make us a part of their lives.

Albert Perillat : Albert works part time with Mel in the yard, whether it’s fixing things or snow removal, Albert works with Mel whenever needed. They are an awesome duo that help keep our team functioning.