Introducing "On the Road Program" Motorcycle Training and Bike Rentals

Introducing the "On the Road Program" that is available for riders who have completed a certified SGI training program such as the "Gearing Up Program" listed below. This program will consist of 2 hours of theory with up to 8 hours of actual on the road rider training. This program will allow riders with learners to learn right and left hand turning on roadways, stopping and starting in real life traffic conditions, bike positioning with lane blocking and safety techniques. This Program is is available on a demand basis. As an added feature motorcycles are now available to rent for road testing for individuals who qualify. Maximum Training Motorcycle Division Will be offering the Gearing Up Program starting May 1st,  2011. Our staff is composed of very experienced Chief and Senior Instructors for the Canada Safety Council. Maximum Training is Celebrating its 10th Year of Business Success and to go along with this celebration, Maximum Training has also been awarded the Consumer Choice  Award for the 2010 and 2011.  With the delivery of the Gearing Up Program, coupled with our success in customer service, our clients will be able to achieve their goals to be a safe motorcycle enthusiast.

The Canada Safety Council Gearing Up Program curriculum is tried and proven. The Gearing Up Program and brand has been in operation for 37 years.  It's being used across the country and Maximum Training is proud to be a part of that national network. Over 500,000 people have taken the course since it started in 1974.

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