Your Career Your Life.

It's 2014 and on average (in Canada) a person between the ages of 18 - 50 is said to change their "job of a lifetime" anywhere from 4-10 times. People are branching out everyday and learning new life skills. They are educating themselves with new ways to provide for themselves and their families.  The days of getting a job when you're done school and keeping it for 35-45 years are rare and VERY hard to find. All ages of people come through our doors looking to improve their knowledge, learn to drive safe and/or are trying to take a step forward in a new career.  Kudos to all of you! It's not easy to accept change or push yourself to better your own situation when you become used to your routine.  What's your "job of a lifetime"?  Is it really the lifetime you wanted to have? If not...take the leap, educate yourself and embrace the changes that can come your way!