Time to get booking

We're officially entering into our busy season.  February through spring each year our courses start booking up in advance.  In both Regina and Saskatoon we're booking 3-4 weeks in advance right now.  So if you're looking into registering for a course we recommend that you call and register sooner than later.  Once we're fully into spring and heading into summer it doesn't generally slow down around here either so booking in advance and being prepared for your course is essential!

If you're looking at taking one of our courses (5G, 3A 1A) please follow the below steps.

1.  Call our office and register for your course.  In Saskatoon call 306-931-7638 and in Regina call 306-545-9904.

2. Book a medical with your family doctor or Healthserv (an SGI medical is required to write for your learner's license)

3. Pick up study material from SGI or our home office in Saskatoon and start studying! There's information you need to know to successfully write for your learner's and having your learner's complete before training, though not mandatory, is highly recommended.

4. Write your learner's exams with SGI. 

5.  Start your course!

We are SGI certified and work hand in hand with SGI to provide our students with the training they need to be safe, confident and successful.  Doing your part and being prepared really helps make your training smooth and less stressful. So now that you know the steps and you know we're getting into busy season, what are you waiting for? Call TODAY! Take the first step towards changing your career and being on the path you want to be on.  Whether you're 18 or 60, we are HAPPY to have you here with us and pride ourselves on providing you with the training course you need.  After all, our product is YOU!