Motorcycle Training

Book your Course TODAY

It's July and we're in full swing of busy season. Our Motorcycle Gearing Up Courses are scheduling into late July and our 1A courses in both Saskatoon and Regina are booking almost a month in advance.  Don't waste time, call today and reserve your spot for the course you want!  306-931-7638  in Saskatoon and area and 306-545-9904 in Regina and area.

Weekday Gearing Up Course

We will be offering one weekday course this season, pending enrollment.  July 6-9th, 2015 our Gearing Up program will run from 5pm-9pm nightly.  For anyone unable to attend one of our weekend courses this is your chance to complete the Gearing Up program this season!  There is limited space available so call today to register for your spot. 306-931-7638  We look forward to Gearing Up with you!!!

Company Update

We're fully into our busy season. It's half way through May already and 2015 is flying by.  Our Motorcycle Gearing Up Course is booking into June and our 1A/3A courses are booking several weeks in advance in both Regina and Saskatoon. Everyone is definitely keeping busy around here.  We're looking forward to the rest of spring and into summer, with our annual golf tournament just around the corner we have lots to look forward too. Congratulations to all our recent successful students!

Keep on Trucking!

Consumers Choice!

We'd like to thank everyone for the votes as we again received the 2015 Consumers Choice Award!  It means a lot to us that we receive such positive reviews from those who require our services.  This award just helps us keep with our motto...Our Product is YOU! So thank you again everyone! We look forward to trying to earn this award again next year!

Motorcycle Season 2015

We are waiting on our weather to determine when we will start our Motorcycle Gearing Up courses for 2015.  If you are interested in signing up for one of the first few courses we will offer please call the office at 306-931-7638 to add your name onto our waiting list.  We will contact those individuals as soon as we know when we can start the courses.  If you're on the list you will have first chances at the first courses that are offered.  These classes are usually our most popular courses as people like to get a jump start on the season, so don't hesitate to call and add to the list, spaces are filling up!

Gearing Up - Motorcycle Training

We have started receiving calls and questions about our Gearing Up Motorcycle Courses for 2015.  At this point we are unsure of our start date, as it's 100% weather dependent.  We are however starting a list of students who would like to attend a course, specifically anyone looking to get into the first few courses.  If you're looking into this, feel free to give us a call and we are happy to add you to the list of students for the 1st, 2nd or 3rd courses.

Motorcycle Gearing Up 2014

With our summer season winding down and fall just around the corner we have ended our Gearing Up courses for 2014.  Thank you to all those people who came to our courses this year and we look forward to starting it up again in 2015! For anyone interested in taking the course please check back with us once the snow is gone in the spring for our 2015 start dates. Ride safe out there!

Fall is on our doorstep

With summer winding down, kids returning to school, activities getting underway and cool fall weather arriving, it's time for us here at Maximum Training to start preparing for the Motorcycle season to end.  We have had a great season and enjoyed meeting new people in our Gearing Up course.  Congratulations to all those who took the course and are now one step closer to being safe motorcycle riders in our city and province! We are hoping to run one more course before the season is over, September 26-28, 2014!  Call the office today at 306-931-7638 to sign up, this might be your last chance to attend the course in 2014!

SGI Motorcycle License

We have had several questions in the last couple days regarding the motorcycle license program and how it work.  The graduated motorcycle license program with SGI has been put in place to help reduce or eliminate the number of motorcycle related accidents each year.  Please check out the SGI site for detailed information on how it all works. We are happy to answer the questions we can for you but also suggest you take the time to read the SGI information as well.