Truck Driver Training

1A Training

Looking for your 1A license? We are currently booking 4 weeks in advance in Saskatoon and 3 weeks in advance in Regina. We get even busier in the upcoming months as students try to get on the schedule before harvest time and before winter. So if you're thinking of doing your training this summer or fall give us a call and reserve your spot today! 306-931-7638 in Saskatoon and area or 306-545-9904 in Regina and area.

Book your Course TODAY

It's July and we're in full swing of busy season. Our Motorcycle Gearing Up Courses are scheduling into late July and our 1A courses in both Saskatoon and Regina are booking almost a month in advance.  Don't waste time, call today and reserve your spot for the course you want!  306-931-7638  in Saskatoon and area and 306-545-9904 in Regina and area.

Company Update

We're fully into our busy season. It's half way through May already and 2015 is flying by.  Our Motorcycle Gearing Up Course is booking into June and our 1A/3A courses are booking several weeks in advance in both Regina and Saskatoon. Everyone is definitely keeping busy around here.  We're looking forward to the rest of spring and into summer, with our annual golf tournament just around the corner we have lots to look forward too. Congratulations to all our recent successful students!

Keep on Trucking!

Book in Advance

It's that time of year...the time where we get busier and busier.  If you're looking to take your 1A training course we recommend you call TODAY to find out when we can schedule you in. We're currently booking about a month in advance.  It's very rare at this time of year to be able to get into the course on short notice so please plan ahead.  306-931-7638

Consumers Choice!

We'd like to thank everyone for the votes as we again received the 2015 Consumers Choice Award!  It means a lot to us that we receive such positive reviews from those who require our services.  This award just helps us keep with our motto...Our Product is YOU! So thank you again everyone! We look forward to trying to earn this award again next year!

Book in advance

We are now booking in both Regina and Saskatoon for 1A courses well in advance.  Right now both locations are booking into May.  Please phone in advance of when you wish to take your course, we cannot guarantee the date you are wanting is available.  BUT the sooner in advance you call, the more likely you are to get the date you want.  All that being said, we very much appreciate your business, referrals and support.  Thank you!

How do I go about getting my 1A license?

We are asked this question several times each day.  So here's the answer. 1.  You need to have an SGI medical completed

2.  You are responsible for writing the exams for your learners license through SGI

3.  You complete the practical portion of your training with us and complete your testing for your license

If you are interested in gaining your 1A license, stop in to the nearest SGI to you and ask them for study materials and a medical form.  SGI has all these items and you can start the process immediately.  Remember it may take some time to get into your doctor so book your appointment ASAP.  We are also booking well in advance right now so make sure to give us a call as soon as you have a date in mind for your course.

If you have any other questions please give us a call and we will happily answer them for you.

Let's get booking!

Thank you to anyone who came to see us at the Crop Production Show this week in Saskatoon.  We had a busy few days at the show and are now back to business as usual at the office.  Our schedule is getting busier and our courses are starting to book up, so if you're interested in taking your driver training course in the next couple months, call today and book in advance! Happy Friday everyone!

As the year ends...

As the year comes to an end most people take time to look back on their passing year.  What memories were made? What was lost? What we gained? New Year's resolutions are made and most of us start the new year out with the best intentions for ourselves and families.  If you're thinking about changing your career and life, maybe embarking on something new, give us a call! It's a great time to get your 1A license and take charge of your future.

December Special!!!

2015 is just around the corner!  We are running a course special for the month of December 2014.  If you book your course for January 2015 AND pay for that course in full by December 31, 2014 you will pay the 2014 course rate.  But if you do not pay the course in full by December 31, 2014 your January course will cost the new 2015 rates. Rates will be announced in the coming weeks. Course availability is first come first serve, so take advantage of the savings and call today to book for your course!! 306-931-7638

Busy busy busy

We are definitely keeping busy here at Maximum Training.  We have been receiving lots of calls to book in for a variety of the courses we offer, to those people wanting to get in next week or sooner please know we will do our best to get you into the program you are wanting as soon as it's possible, but we do book on a first come first serve basis.  Spaces are booking up fast and if students are a little flexible on location and/or date we might be able to accommodate your course a little sooner. That being said, we REALLY APPRECIATE all the calls, inquiries, bookings and referrals!  We must be doing something right to receive so many referrals from former students and businesses that have used our training services in the past. So thank you all for keeping us so busy! Have a great Thursday!

It's Trucking Tuesday!

For those trucker's out there...the Government of Saskatchewan has a useful site where you can have access to information you might need.  If you aren't already familiar with it, take some time to check it out. You might just find some information or answers you've been looking for! Have a great day!



Looking for something new

Are you looking for something new or needing a change to better your future? 1A Driver's are in DEMAND!  Opportunities for people with a 1A license are increasing daily.  So for those people looking for a change or wondering what to do with their lives, getting your 1A license might be the answer for you!  Take a look at our Max Jobs page for some of the current local job listings, that's only a few of the jobs out there.  Options are there, opportunities are endless and your future is up to YOU! Call today to inquire or book your course!

Saskatoon 306-931-7638   Regina 306-545-9904

Fall and Winter 1A Driving Course

We have had a very busy summer and now that fall and winter are just around the corner we still have lots of inquiries about our 1A driving courses.  New courses start every Monday in Regina and Saskatoon.  We can usually get new students started within a few weeks, but we do book up fairly quickly.  All you have to do is call the office, pick a date and put down your deposit to save the spot.  For people looking to take the course you DO NOT have to have your 1A learner's before starting the course, though it is recommended as it makes the course a little smoother.  We offer more than just the 1A course so give us a call if you're looking into something else.  Call 306-931-7638 to book your course today!

Fall is on our doorstep

With summer winding down, kids returning to school, activities getting underway and cool fall weather arriving, it's time for us here at Maximum Training to start preparing for the Motorcycle season to end.  We have had a great season and enjoyed meeting new people in our Gearing Up course.  Congratulations to all those who took the course and are now one step closer to being safe motorcycle riders in our city and province! We are hoping to run one more course before the season is over, September 26-28, 2014!  Call the office today at 306-931-7638 to sign up, this might be your last chance to attend the course in 2014!