If you are willing to learn, we are willing to teach you
— Maximum Training

Let’s face it; in order to compete with our changing market we have to be honest with ourselves. We have to ask ourselves the tough questions and be ready to accept the answers. Ask yourself the following questions and be honest with yourself about the answers:

Are you a quick learner?

Some people are good at math while others are good at reading. Driving is a hands-on learning skill and that’s why MAXIMUM focuses their attention on actual behind the wheel driving time. It’s kind of like learning to play ball or hockey; your skills will advance more rapidly by doing.

Do you have any truck experience?

If you farm or have any other standard truck experience, you will have a head start on learning to drive a semi. If you have developed a lot of bad habits your learning curve may be slower.

Do you have any backing experience?

Do you have experience backing up campers, boats, or fifth wheel trailers? If you possess these skills, backing a tractor-trailer will come easy.

How are your driving habits in your own vehicle?

When you are driving your car, do you cover your brake through intersections; do you stop before stop signs, or signal your intent before changing lanes or turning? The answer to these questions will determine if you only need to learn truck skills or if we have to teach you to drive your car all over again.

Are you comfortable in high traffic situations?

Is your driving experience based in small towns only or do you possess driving skills in higher traffic areas? If you don’t get excited too easy and you have self-control you will find learning to drive semis will come naturally to you.


You are required to get your SGI drivers medical completed and approved before you can obtain your 1a, 3a, 5G learners. For the learners you can pick up the books to study at any SGI agency or contact our office. 

What program best suits your needs?

How you answered the previous questions will help you determine if you need a 1-week, 2-week or a 3-week program to achieve your license. Remember that truck driver training is about self-control and experience. We do understand that long courses are not for everyone this is why we offer so many different options and are willing to combine our training with your needs. Driving can be a rewarding career if you are the type of person who is willing to take the time to learn the fundamentals and apply them to the job. Good habits and positive experiences stick with a person and that’s what we are trying to accomplish.  If you are willing to learn, we are willing to teach you. We are also very adaptable to situations by creating training programs that not only fit into your already busy schedule, but also ensures you the proper training you need in order to be successful. Remember: we train DAYS, EVENINGS and WEEKENDS to accommodate your training needs.

The transportation industry is in demand of qualified professionals. By obtaining your 1A license you can further your present career or start a new one, making your earning power even greater.

Our staff is proud of what we do at Maximum Training for the Trucking Industry!