We want you to be the best driver that you can be.

Maximum Training’s goal is to train people to their Maximum Potential.  We could take our clients out to small towns and train them in low traffic areas, put them in vehicles that have short trailers, or give them transmissions without splitters, but this would not be realistic. In reality, drivers will have to drive in high-traffic situations, they will have long trailers to haul and they will have transmissions with splitters.  The next time you and your family are driving down the road and encounter a semi, you would breathe just a bit easier if you knew that the driver had gone through Maximum Training.

Cutting corners in our industry puts lives in danger and we’re not willing to do that.  If it’s Maximum Training that you need, then you’ve come to the right place. We believe that you are our customer and in turn you become our product. We want you to be the best driver that you can be. Being the best gives us a good name and allows you to have the confidence to do more than just drive on back roads. In today’s economy, it is essential to have a back up career and having your 1A licence allows you to do that and assists in many other careers. For example, there are many fields that your 1A licence will assist you; i.e. fireman, heavy duty mechanic, agricultural mechanics, construction workers, power lineman, roofers, couriers, farmers, welders, heavy equipment operators, road construction, bus drivers, logging, excavating, and many, many more. The list is endless and although the trade or career itself may not require a 1A licence, the equipment required to operate in the field may require a 1A licence as a result making the person more viable for the position.


In the training industry we have trained doctors, teachers, police officers, firemen and salesmen along with many other professions. Having a 1A licence opens many doors, in all fields, but it can also help put you through college or university between classes or to earn a second income in your already existing career. We train many people who are retiring or simply looking for a career change. Due to the shortage of drivers, transportation companies are always looking for qualified drivers, full time and part time.

In our experience with students, everyone comments how driving a truck has made them a safer driver and that they never realized how much is involved to be a professional transport operator. To sum it up, Maximum Training believes OUR PRODUCT is YOU and that is why we will train you to the MAXIMUM to assist you in becoming the best driver you can be.