Course 1 - Gearing Up Program

Maximum Training Motorcycle Division will be offering the Gearing Up Program starting May 1,  2015. Our staff is composed of very experienced Chief and Senior Instructors for the Canada Safety Council. Maximum Training is Celebrating its 18th Year of Business Success and to go along with this celebration, Maximum Training has also been awarded the Consumer Choice  Award for the 2010 thru to 2019, 9 years consecutive winner as well as our Motorcycle Division for the last few years.  With the delivery of the Gearing Up Program, coupled with our success in customer service, our clients will be able to achieve their goals to be a safe motorcycle enthusiast.

The Canada Safety Council Gearing Up Program curriculum is tried and proven. The Gearing Up Program and brand has been in operation for over 37 years.  It’s being used across the country and Maximum Training is proud to be a part of that national network. Over 500,000 people have taken the course since it started in 1974.

Cost $520.00

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Course 2 - Rider Skills Course – CSC

In spring 2013 a new course came from the Canada Safety Council – Rider Skills Course.  This course will allow motorcycleriders to enhance riding skills on their own motorcycles with a variety of progressive riding exercises.  Pre-requisites for this course include either:  Full M Endorsement, 5000km of riding, successful completion of the Gearing Up Program or equivalent motorcycle training program (certificate of completion required) followed by 2 years of riding.

A street legal motorcycle is required.  No mopeds, trikes, spiders, motorcycles with sidecars, electric motorcycles or automatics all allowed for this course.  The course will include a classroom session (mandatory attendance) on Friday evening followed by a full day of riding on Saturday.

The course will allow riders to work on proper braking techniques, downshifting, cornering, collision avoidance plus more during the all day Saturday session.

Cost $225.00

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Course 3 - On the Road Program

Introducing the “On the Road Program” that is available for riders who have completed a certified SGI training program such as the “Gearing Up Program” listed above. This program will consist of 3 hours of actual on the road rider training. This program will allow riders with learners to learn right and left hand turning on roadways, stopping and starting in real life traffic conditions, bike positioning with lane blocking and safety techniques. This program is available on a demand basis. As an added feature motorcycles are now available to rent for road testing for individuals who qualify.

Cost is $250.00

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The motorcycle training season begins when the weather permits.  Courses will not start until the snow is melted and roads are clear.

Weekend Schedule:

  • 6–9 FRIDAY – Theory (Our theory portion is mandatory but can also be completed online by clicking on our link.)


  • 8–5 PM SUNDAY

Week day course may be offered based on demand.

  • 5–9 PM MONDAY

  • 5–9 PM TUESDAY



  • 5–9 PM FRIDAY