Virtually everything you touch, eat or wear has been on a truck at one time or another. It is estimated that 80% of the current drivers will be retiring in the short years to come. A study produced in June for the Canadian Trucking Human Resources Council estimates the industry needs nearly 224,000 new drivers - 37,000 annually.

Maximum Training’s mission is to help provide QUALITY drivers in the industry.

We are looking for key people that are responsible, trust-worthy and have a professional attitude to ensure that our roads are kept safe and sound for all that share them.


With my wife’s encouragement Maximum Training was established April 2001. We went out on our own, with a truck and an idea of providing the highest quality training for the trucking industry, and the name was born … Maximum Training for the Trucking Industry. Maximum Training will be celebrating our 18th year Anniversary thanks to the support of our local industry and all of our client’s friends and family.

The largest contributing factor to our success is that the majority of our clients come from referrals and we are very proud of that.

Thanks to my wife and my beautiful daughters, we are building a family and a successful business that allows individuals to broaden their horizons and grow as professional drivers.

During this time our family has grown also, I like to call them Earl’s Girls.