Motorcycle License....the long and short

Confused about getting your Motorcycle Learner's license?

SGI's website has all the information you need. BUT just in case your still confused, here's the short version.

1. Complete your Motorcycle written exam with SGI

2. Take the Gearing Up program we offer OR complete the Basic Abilities Road Test (BART) with SGI

3. You then have your learner's license

Graduated program means: You get your learner's license then you road test with SGI approximately a year later. You then go thru the Novice 1 and 2 stages for a total of 3 years. At this point depending on your driving record you have graduated the program and hold your full Motorcycle license.

To do the Gearing Up course or Not??

Lots of people debate this but there are lots of reasons to take the course. It is definitely the best option.

1. You do NOT have an insurance surcharge of $500 each year until you get your full endorsement if you take the course. ($1500 total)

2. You have less restrictions on your license if you take the course.

3. If you complete your Graduated program without any driving infractions/at-fault collisions you are eligible for a $450 rebate from SGI


Call today for more information of check it out on SGI's websiteand our current motorcycle training programs.