We've Moved!

Maximum Training Regina has moved!  We are excited to have set up a new office location in Regina.  Effective TODAY you can now reach us at: Unit 10 309 Adolph Drive, Regina SK S4K 0A3

Our main office in Saskatoon has not changed but if you're starting a course in Regina from February 1st, 2019 on please come see us at the new address above.

Motorcycle License....the long and short

Confused about getting your Motorcycle Learner's license?

SGI's website has all the information you need. BUT just in case your still confused, here's the short version.

1. Complete your Motorcycle written exam with SGI

2. Take the Gearing Up program we offer OR complete the Basic Abilities Road Test (BART) with SGI

3. You then have your learner's license


Graduated program means: You get your learner's license then you road test with SGI approximately a year later. You then go thru the Novice 1 and 2 stages for a total of 3 years. At this point depending on your driving record you have graduated the program and hold your full Motorcycle license.

To do the Gearing Up course or Not??

Lots of people debate this but there are lots of reasons to take the course. It is definitely the best option.

1. You do NOT have an insurance surcharge of $500 each year until you get your full endorsement if you take the course. ($1500 total)

2. You have less restrictions on your license if you take the course.

3. If you complete your Graduated program without any driving infractions/at-fault collisions you are eligible for a $450 rebate from SGI


Call today for more information of check it out on SGI's websiteand our current motorcycle training programs.

Start your training TODAY!

This is the perfect time to start your 1A training.  If you've been undecided or waiting for the right time, there's no better time than TODAY! Your 1A license opens lots of doors for you in your career and we're here to help you get the training you need to be successful. 

Always remember, our product is YOU!  So call today to register for your 1A course.  306-931-7638 in Saskatoon and 306-545-9904 in Regina

18 Years of Business...Thanks to YOU!

Maximum Training is celebrating 15 years of business as of April 4th. Established in 2001 Maximum Training wants to thank YOU OUR customers, who have allowed US, the owners and staff, to find fulfilling careers that allow us to make a difference in your life and ours. You, the customers have enriched our lives and provided our company with incredible success stories.

From our Truck Driver Training to our Motorcycle Training, I personally, on behalf of my family and staff, SINCERELY and HUMBLY want to thank YOU our customers, friends, and business community for your patronage. Looking forward to many many more years of success because of you.

Thank you
Earl Driedger

Time to get booking

We're officially entering into our busy season.  February through spring each year our courses start booking up in advance.  In both Regina and Saskatoon we're booking 3-4 weeks in advance right now.  So if you're looking into registering for a course we recommend that you call and register sooner than later.  Once we're fully into spring and heading into summer it doesn't generally slow down around here either so booking in advance and being prepared for your course is essential!

If you're looking at taking one of our courses (5G, 3A 1A) please follow the below steps.

1.  Call our office and register for your course.  In Saskatoon call 306-931-7638 and in Regina call 306-545-9904.

2. Book a medical with your family doctor or Healthserv (an SGI medical is required to write for your learner's license)

3. Pick up study material from SGI or our home office in Saskatoon and start studying! There's information you need to know to successfully write for your learner's and having your learner's complete before training, though not mandatory, is highly recommended.

4. Write your learner's exams with SGI. 

5.  Start your course!

We are SGI certified and work hand in hand with SGI to provide our students with the training they need to be safe, confident and successful.  Doing your part and being prepared really helps make your training smooth and less stressful. So now that you know the steps and you know we're getting into busy season, what are you waiting for? Call TODAY! Take the first step towards changing your career and being on the path you want to be on.  Whether you're 18 or 60, we are HAPPY to have you here with us and pride ourselves on providing you with the training course you need.  After all, our product is YOU!

Special Pricing for January 2016!

With the 2015 year coming to a close and looking into 2016 we wanted to extend a special offer to any students looking to do their 1A training in the next couple months.  Our course pricing will be changing as of January 2016 so we are offering to ANY student who registers and pays for their course in full before the end of day December 31st the opportunity to pay the 2015 rates for any course taken in January 2016!  Pay and register in 2015, train in January 2016 and save by paying the 2015 training rates!  Phone the office to register or inquire further.

Get your 1A License and Get Rolling

Looking at a career change? Wondering what field you should get into? Want to try something new? Get your 1A license and see the possibilities! We run our courses weekly in Regina and Saskatoon.  There is always a chance to educate yourself, learn something new and take charge of your future. 

Did you know if you hold your 1A license you're able to drive almost any truck? That means opportunities in many fields of work not just long haul or short haul trucking.  In the oilfield, at a mine, construction companies, the possibilities are endless.  If you have your 1A license you are able to drive vehicles that require a 3A license as well.

Call today to find out more and register for a course today! Regina 306-545-9904 Saskatoon 306-931-7638

That's a Wrap!

Our 2015 Gearing Up season has come to a close.  We saw over 150 students this season! Thank you for choosing Maximum Training and congratulations on your success with the Gearing Up Program!  We will run the Gearing Up course again in 2016, so be sure to check back in the last months of winter into the early spring to find out course dates.  Stay safe out there!

Last Chance to Gear Up in 2015!

Did you know we are the only training school in Saskatoon to offer our Gearing Up course from the Canada Safety Council? That means our course still counts for your license if you ever move to another province!

We still have a couple spaces left in our September 11-13 Motorcycle Gearing Up Course. It will be the LAST course of our season so make sure you get registered if you’d like to take the course this year. Call today to register in Saskatoon. 306-931-7638

Outdoor Storage Spaces

We offer storage in our fully fenced yard for RV’s, Trailers, Equipment and more. Our yard is secured by a fence and locked gate; as well as security cameras around the yard. Located in the East Cory Park Industrial area. Fees vary dependant on items you’re storing and are subject to change.

Storage Fees:
RV, Camper, Boat, Trailer etc: $45/month
Equipment, Containers, 53′ Trailers etc: $115/month
Electrical space: $225/month

Call for more information- Maximum Training 306-931-7638
or e-mail: frontdesk@maximumtraining.ca


1A Driver’s Courses for Fall 2015

Now’s the time to book in for your fall 1A course! We go thru slow and busy periods each fall making our scheduling unpredictable. You definitely don’t want to get caught waiting a month for your course so call today to book in. And in the meantime while you’re waiting for your course date you can get prepared for the course!

Step 1:  Get your SGI medical done

Step 2: Study for and write your learner’s exams with SGI

Step 3: You’re ready to start your course!

Help us make your training easier by coming to the course prepared.  Getting your 1A learner’s before you take the course makes your training easier and more efficient.  We run our courses every Monday in Regina and Saskatoon, spots for courses are taken on a first come first serve basis and a deposit is required to hold your place in the course.  All fees are due on the course start date and you will be issued a tax receipt in the new year.

Are you ready to start your new career? Are you ready to educate yourself to increase your hire appeal? Are you ready to take charge of your future?

Call TODAY! 306-931-7638 in Saskatoon or 306-545-9904 in Regina

1A Training

Looking for your 1A license? We are currently booking 4 weeks in advance in Saskatoon and 3 weeks in advance in Regina. We get even busier in the upcoming months as students try to get on the schedule before harvest time and before winter. So if you're thinking of doing your training this summer or fall give us a call and reserve your spot today! 306-931-7638 in Saskatoon and area or 306-545-9904 in Regina and area.

Book your Course TODAY

It's July and we're in full swing of busy season. Our Motorcycle Gearing Up Courses are scheduling into late July and our 1A courses in both Saskatoon and Regina are booking almost a month in advance.  Don't waste time, call today and reserve your spot for the course you want!  306-931-7638  in Saskatoon and area and 306-545-9904 in Regina and area.

Photo Radar in Saskatoon

Have you slowed down now with the photo radar in effect on Circle drive? Interestingly many people haven't and it seems they are getting away with it. The highest speed limit recorded on Circle Drive in Saskatoon was 194km/h! Slow down out there. It keeps everyone safe on the roads if everyone follows the laws.  Find out more about violation numbers versus actual tickets issued at the CBC link below. Photo Radar in Saskatoon