Motorcycle Training

Maximum Training Motorcycle Division is officially operating the Gearing Up Program. We have Week Night Programs and Weekend Programs. Our staff is composed of very experienced Chief and Senior Instructors for the Canada Safety Council. With the delivery of the Gearing Up Program, coupled with our success in customer service, our clients will be able to achieve their goals to be a safe motorcycle enthusiast. The Canada Safety Council Gearing Up Program curriculum is tried and proven. The Gearing Up Program and brand has been in operation for 37 years. It’s being used across the country and Maximum Training is proud to be a part of that national network as the sole provider in Saskatchewan. Over 500,000 people have taken the course since it started in 1974.

Maximum Training - Motorcycle Division

Motorcycle Training

Our mission is to provide a comfortable, supportive environment wherein you, can safely learn to ride a motorcycle. No previous experience necessary! We are proud to offer small classes for students with qualified instructors to ensure individual attention.  We provide the motorcycles on a paved parking lot.

The courses are either week long (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings) or weekend (Friday evening, all day Saturday and Sunday).  This format is for May, June and July only.  August and September the courses are weekend only.  Course schedules are subject to change.

What you will need is:

  • Valid driver’s license (a motorcycle learner’s license is preferred but not mandatory)
  • Durable jacket (leather or jean)
  • Jeans – full length
  • Gloves that cover your wrists
  • Boots that cover your ankle (no flat leather soles, high heels)
  • Eye protection
  • D.O.T approved helmet
  • To be present 15 minutes before class start if possible
  • A positive fun attitude

The cost for the course will be $450.00.  We will gladly take cash, credit cards or cheques.  Course location will be at 2301 Millar Ave in the Trinity Safety Building for theory, and Lawson Heights Mall for practical training.

To Register Call 931-7638 or in person see map on Contact us Button

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